Ron Artest to Talk with BBL’s Cheshire Jets

If the NBA Lockout doesn’t end before the scheduled start of the NBA season, Ron Artest might be displaying his stuffs in England after reaching an agreement to talk with the Cheshire Jets about a possible deal and a stint in the British Basketball League.

According to Cheshire Jets management, Artest may fly to England on September to talk with the team’s directors if the NBA players’ union and owners will not establish a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, an issue that could cancel the NBA season.

“We agreed in principle for Ron Artest to come in September to progress negotiations and discussions, and to show him England, Cheshire and the Club,” said Cheshire Jets Director Peter Hawkins. “The challenge though is getting Ron Artest a timetable that works for the Club, and works around Ron’s other commitments.”

Hawkins admitted that acquiring the services of Artest will be a hard, but he is still hoping that the Los Angeles Lakers forward will eventually agree to play for the Jets in this year’s BBL season.

“We said it was a distinct possibility, and right now, we’re making steady progress and we’re working very hard,” Hawkins said. “If we get him, it’s a huge move for the Jets and for British basketball, if we don’t, then we know that we’ve given it our best shot.”

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